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Kindness & Art.

First Wave: Imprint Passes

256 “Imprints” available to mint for early supporters.

Imprint holders are whitelisted for pre-sale, and also may be airdropped multiple Visitors depending on Tier level. Get the OG “Imprinted” role on Discord, and automatic membership in the Visitors Detective Club.

Second Wave: Scouting Parties

Join the Visitors Detective Club, help to find more Sol Visitors in the wild.

Detective Club members may receive early access and a favorable price for the main Visitors collection.

Third Wave: Visitors Landing

The Visitors are landing on the Blockchain, and you can now purchase one in the mint, or on secondary markets.

Minting date TBD, probably February 2022.

Sol Visitors – Kindness & Art. Collect all Four Royal Families – 2,048 total

A collection of 2,048 Visitors including a handful of Royals living on the Solana blockchain.

Get involved & Support this project if you would like:
Fill out the Whitelist Request Form
Follow us on Twitter, like and retweet any Visitors you find
Join our new Discord community to talk about Art & Kindness.
Onboard somebody to the Solana ecosystem.
Invite your actual friends to participate too if you want.

Contribute to the community, help introduce new people to the Sol Visitors. Good vibes only!

The Team

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